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"Gene Clark: Back in The Byrds' Nest?", Teen Screen Magazine, February, 1968 (Thanks to David J. Emerick).

"a byrd's-eye view! They're Flying High!" by Ginette Dienstbier, Teen Screen Magazine, January, 1966 (Thanks to David J. Emerick).

"Sound Scene: Gene Clark Goes It Alone" - Datebook Magazine, December 1966. (Thanks to David J. Emerick.)

"Suddenly!! There Were Byrds!" by Derek Taylor, Tiger Beat Magazine, October 1965.

"They're For The Byrds...And So Are We!", Teen Set Magazine, November, 1965.

"Meet Those High Flyin' Byrds!" - 16 Magazine, 1965

Bye Bye Byrdie, Hello Gene Clark! - Teen Screen Magazine, January, 1967

"The Gene Clark Story"  by Jean-Pierre Morisset from Cosmic American Music News, Vol. X, No.1, Winter/Spring 1992.

"The Byrds in Words - But The Real Story Is In Your Own Head" by Derek Taylor, Hit Parader Magazine, March, 1968 (special thanks to David J. Emerick).

Gene Clark Interview, Dark Star Magazine, Volume 2, Issue No. 3, 1977

Gene Clark & Carla Olson Interview, The Cosmic American Music News, Vol. 6, No. 2, Fall & Winter 1987/1988

"Where Are They Now? The Byrds" Rolling Stone, No. 482, September 11, 1986. (Courtesy Ken Claybaugh.)

"The Byrds At Home (Where They Flip Out!)" by Arlene Perlman, Flip Magazine, March 1966.

"A Byrd Flies Again,” by Brian Burnes, Kansas City Star Magazine, January 17, 1999

"Gene Flies Away" by Granny - Hit Parader Magazine, 1966. (Courtesy Ken Claybaugh.)

Doug Dillard and Gene Clark "Just You and the River" by Jim Bickhart. UCLA Daily Bruin,  Wednesday, November 13, 1968.

From the Cal-Tech student newspaper, Thursday, February 13, 1969. (Courtesy Jason Odd.)

Double-page ad spread announcing Gene Clark's debut single 'Echoes', Cashbox magazine, December 10, 1966.

"Hey! Gene Clark: Where Are You?" by Sue Cameron  KWFB/98 Hitline magazine, April 13, 1966

Gene Clark — The Loner With The Touch of A Genius, GO Magazine, March 31, 1967

Original A&M Records press release for the album White Light.

The Dillard-Clark Expedition, Hit Parader magazine, December, 1969

"The Byrds Turn All Around Us", Teen Set magazine, June, 1966. 

"What's in Store For Drake Levin (Ex-Raider) and Gene Clark (Ex-Byrd)" Hit Parader Magazine, March, 1967.

Gene Clark interview from Omaha Rainbow, Spring 1985

Capitol Records press release for the signing of McGuinn, Clark and Hillman, December 6,1978.

Three Ex- Byrds Fly a New Course - Miami Herald, 1978.

"What's Been Happening with Gene Clark...and The Byrds" - Teen Screen magazine, August, 1967 (courtesy Ken Claybaugh).

Internal memo from executive Frank Calamita of CBS Records regarding Gene's exit from The Byrds, July 11, 1966 (courtesy Ken Claybaugh).

Byrds May Come and Byrds May Go But Gene Clark Flies on Forever - by
Jean-Pierre Morisset, Zigzag Magazine, vol. 5, no. 9, January/February 1975 

Gene Clark: Both Sides Up - by Paul Kendall, Zigzag Magazine, June 1977 

The Songs of Gene Clark: A 50th Anniversary Celebration - booklet, February, 2017.

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